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WPF Online Training in India

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is the newest way to create your desktop based application with stunning graphics. Developers used to and by-and-large using the traditional development way to develop Desktop applications using or C# programming language. The whole GUI has to be coded using the programming language. Without an IDE (Integrated Development Envionment) it could be painful to position every control based on their co-ordinates and associating event handlers eventually. Incase, your client wanted to have a little animation or a professional looking form, it can take you to task. All and every bits of stuff has to be done using pure coding. Microsoft knew the talent of HTML web page designers. And therefore they offered the developers with a HTML kind of design tool to create the UI section of your form and associate event handlers declatively within the form design segment. Developers and Designers were seperated for creating their own individual concerns. Designers can use Microsoft Expression Blend for purely creating the UI section and hand over the generated html kind of file (known as XAML) to the developers who can consequently code on it. A great designer developer amalgamation! Result is fantastic desktop applications with minimum efforts!

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2 months

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One-to-One Personal Online Training or Classroom Training

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