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About Blazor

Blazor is a new technology from Microsoft that deals with developing your web application using 100% C# both on server and client! You may not need to learn Javascript, Jquery, Angular or any such fragile technologies that keeps on changing quite often with lot of bug fixes. You just have to know C# very well and you are all done!

Do I still need to know HTML and CSS?

Absolutely! HTML and CSS are the heart of any browser. You must have some good hold on html and css. Knowing Javascript is completely optional!

How does Blazor work?

Blazor comes in two favors. The first one uses every code execution on server, and the otherone uses both client and server to share it's load of execution. One that uses only server side model uses a signalR connection from the client to delegate any client side calls that requires the server's attention. So essentially client and server works like one single unit. You can think of a monster dinosour with the tip of it's tail lying on client while it's head on server! Just Joking!
However a blazor client side application aka Blazor Web Assembly application uses a special capability on the browser to understand C# inside the box and connect with its peer boss on the server! Sounds familiar as in Ajax? Right? But wait! There is 0 javascript in play! In this case a small dot net runtime is embedded right onto the client. Unlike a complete server side blazor project, a Blazor web assembly project does not require a constant connection with the server unless at a point when you decide to save or retrieve some data on server.
In fact it is possible to install a blazor web assembly project completely out of the box (out from browser) right onto your desktop! Let's say you need to have a static Loan Calculator on your desktop! So in this way a Blazor Web assembly project can work like a desktop application.

Should I learn Blazor?

Blazor is the future of Microsoft's Web Development Arena. You can leverage your existing power on C# to develop a mission critical fast web application using SPA (Single Page Application) with Blazor. These days, users want a very fluid experience with web apps that has given birth to RIA (Rich Internet Application), where a web application delivers both the ease of use from any computer having an internet connection and also the flexibility of a native windows apps to interact with screen elements!

Which one to learn? Server Side Blazor or Client Side?

You just learn Blazor, that includes both! Both the server only or both client-server Blazor (Web Assembly Project) has it's own merits and demetrits. The project structure and the usability is nearly the same! The main troble comes while using the architectural pattern, where we follow seperation of concerns by seperating the data access part having using the Repository pattern and exposing the functionality with Web Api to the client size razor pages/blazor components!

Who can learn Blazor?

Any one having some good exposure in dot net using C# and having a sound understanding of object oriented systems while also having fundamental know how of Html and css are good to begin with the course!

Following topics will guide you through the Blazor Training

  • What is Blazor
  • ASP NET Core blazor hosting models
  • ASP NET Core blazor project structure
  • ASP NET core razor components
  • Split razor component into separate files
  • Creating blazor model classes
  • Employee list blazor component
  • Display loading indicator in blazor
  • Blazor data access strategies
  • What is REST API
  • Create asp net core web api from scratch
  • ASP NET Core REST API DbContext
  • Repository Pattern in ASP.NET Core REST API
  • ASP NET Core REST API get list of resources
  • ASP NET Core REST API get by id
  • Post in ASP NET Core REST API
  • ASP NET Core REST API Model Validation
  • Put in ASP NET Core REST API
  • Delete in ASP NET Core REST API
  • Search in ASP NET Core REST API
  • Call REST API from ASP NET Core Blazor
  • Blazor route parameters
  • Display data from two or more related tables in Blazor
  • Blazor event handling
  • Blazor data binding
  • A simple blazor two way data binding example
  • Blazor component parameters
  • Blazor EventCallback
  • Building a blazor form
  • Binding select element with database data in Blazor
  • InputSelect does not support the type System Int32
  • Razor class library and reusable blazor components
  • Bind input select element to enum in blazor
  • Blazor DatePicker
  • Blazor form validation
  • Blazor custom form validation
  • Compare validation in blazor
  • Validating nested complex models and collection types in Blazor
  • What is AutoMapper and using it in ASP NET Core
  • Edit and Update in Blazor
  • Add database row in Blazor
  • Force reload blazor component
  • Delete database row from blazor
  • Child to parent component communication in blazor
  • Delete confirmation dialog in Blazor
  • Blazor attribute splatting
  • Arbitrary attributes and parameters in Blazor
  • Blazor cascading values and parameters
  • Blazor multiple cascading parameters
  • Blazor cascading values performance
  • ASP NET core identity setup in blazor application
  • How cookie authentication works
  • Blazor cookie authentication - login page
  • Blazor cookie authentication Logout page
  • Authorization in Blazor
  • Blazor authorize attribute
  • Authentication and authorization state data in code in blazor
  • ASP.NET Core Blazor course wrap up
You will require 20 sessions for 2 months. The course fees and duration will depend on your extent of knowledge that you already have in Dot Net using C#

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