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This compact course is designed for beginners with no coding experience who want to learn app development using Xamarin for Android and iOS. Over the course of 20 sessions, students will be introduced to the fundamentals of programming, Xamarin development, and building a simple ecommerce app.

The course starts with an overview of app development and an introduction to Xamarin and its features. Students will set up the development environment and create a "Hello World" app. They will then learn the basics of C# programming, user interface design using Xamarin Forms, and handling user input and navigation.

Students will explore important concepts such as data binding, the MVVM pattern, and working with data and APIs. They will learn to implement user authentication, display lists and detail views, and add shopping cart functionality to their ecommerce app. The course also covers processing payments, implementing product search and filtering, and incorporating user reviews and ratings.

Additionally, students will delve into advanced topics such as push notifications, performance optimization, testing, debugging, and app store publication. The course concludes with an introduction to iOS development with Xamarin, testing and debugging on iOS devices, and finalizing the ecommerce app.

Throughout the course, students will gain hands-on experience by building a simple ecommerce app that incorporates various features. By the end of the course, students will have the knowledge and skills to develop their own Xamarin apps for both Android and iOS platforms.

Please note that this course provides a solid foundation in Xamarin app development but does not cover advanced topics or extensive customization. It is recommended for individuals who want to quickly learn and start building basic apps using Xamarin.

Course Duration

2.5 months

Training Mode

One-To-One Personal Online Training or Classroom Training

You are most welcome to customize the training according to your need, in that case the fees and duration may vary.


App Development Compact Syllabus

Xamarin App Development Syllabus

Session 1: Introduction to App Development and Xamarin

- Overview of app development and its importance

- Introduction to Xamarin and its features

- Setting up the development environment (Visual Studio, Xamarin, and Android/iOS emulators)

- Creating a simple "Hello World" app

Session 2: Introduction to C# Programming

- Basics of programming concepts (variables, data types, operators, control flow)

- Introduction to C# programming language

- Writing your first C# program

- Compiling and running C# code in Xamarin

Session 3: User Interface Design in Xamarin

- Introduction to user interface (UI) design principles

- Designing user interfaces using Xamarin Forms

- Layouts and controls in Xamarin Forms

- Creating a basic UI for your ecommerce app

Session 4: Handling User Input and Navigation

- Handling user input with event handlers

- Navigation between screens using Xamarin Forms

- Building navigation menus and navigation bars

- Implementing basic navigation in your ecommerce app

Session 5: Data Binding and MVVM Pattern

- Introduction to data binding

- Implementing data binding in Xamarin Forms

- Understanding the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern

- Using MVVM in your ecommerce app

Session 6: Working with Data and APIs

- Introduction to data storage options in Xamarin

- Using SQLite for local data storage

- Consuming web APIs in Xamarin using HttpClient

- Retrieving and displaying data in your ecommerce app

Session 7: Handling User Authentication

- Introduction to user authentication and authorization

- Implementing user authentication using Firebase Authentication

- Adding login and registration functionality to your ecommerce app

Session 8: Displaying Lists and Detail Views

- Creating and populating lists using ListView and CollectionView

- Displaying detailed information in a separate detail view

- Implementing list and detail views in your ecommerce app

Session 9: Implementing Shopping Cart Functionality

- Designing a shopping cart UI

- Managing cart items using local data storage

- Updating the UI based on cart changes

- Adding shopping cart functionality to your ecommerce app

Session 10: Processing Payments

- Introduction to payment processing in mobile apps

- Integrating a payment gateway (e.g., PayPal, Stripe) in your app

- Handling payment transactions in your ecommerce app

Session 11: Adding Product Search and Filtering

- Implementing a search functionality in your app

- Filtering products based on user criteria

- Enhancing the user experience with search and filtering in your ecommerce app

Session 12: Implementing User Reviews and Ratings

- Allowing users to leave reviews and ratings for products

- Storing and retrieving user reviews using a database

- Displaying reviews and ratings in your ecommerce app

Session 13: Implementing Push Notifications

- Introduction to push notifications

- Integrating push notifications in your app using Firebase Cloud Messaging

- Sending and receiving push notifications in your ecommerce app

Session 14: Enhancing Performance and Optimization

- Optimizing app performance and responsiveness

- Implementing caching mechanisms for improved performance

- Applying best practices for optimizing your ecommerce app

Session 15: Testing and Debugging

- Overview of testing methodologies

- Testing your app on different devices and screen sizes

- Debugging techniques and tools in Xamarin

Session 16: Publishing Your App

- Preparing your app for publication

- Generating app icons and screenshots

- Submitting your app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Session 17: App Store Optimization and Marketing

- Introduction to app store optimization (ASO)

- Strategies for marketing and promoting your app

- Monitoring app analytics and user feedback

Session 18: Introduction to iOS Development with Xamarin

- Setting up the iOS development environment

- Building and running your Xamarin app on iOS devices

- Porting your ecommerce app to iOS

Session 19: Testing and Debugging on iOS

- Overview of iOS testing and debugging techniques

- Testing your app on iOS devices and simulators

- Fixing platform-specific bugs and issues

Session 20: Finalizing Your App and Conclusion

- Reviewing and refining your ecommerce app

- Gathering user feedback and making improvements

- Discussion on next steps and further learning opportunities

Please note that this syllabus is designed to provide a basic understanding of app development using Xamarin and may not cover advanced topics or extensive customization. It's recommended to supplement the sessions with additional learning resources, such as online tutorials, documentation, and practice projects.

* Please know that this is a brief course that targets a quick grasp of a app developer. It is reccomended to go through a complete formal course on C# Programming language, if you are new to coding!

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