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ASP.NET Online Training in India (Kolkata)

This is the most recommended course for most of the people. If you really want to have Microsoft ASP.NET Technology under your hood then this course is the right choice. Now a days, ASP.NET can be programmed in two distinct ways. The old classic Web Forms way and other is more modern MVC way.  While the classic way is still very much popular but MVC way is largely becoming more and more popular. If you are new and thinking where to start, I will recommend the MVC way. Both the approaches has many things in common. So the core concepts remain the same. The current page shows you the details of the classic web forms ASP.NET. However if you want to learn MVC please click here. This includes anything and everything you need to be a successful web programmer. You will learn Service Oriented Architecture by implementing XML Web Services in your projects. You will also learn how to implement a Web 2.0 standard using modern AJAX technology. You will learn full blown data driven ADO.NET architecture to connect with Microsoft SQL Server to edit, update, delete and view your records. You will create a Responsive website, which will be Mobile, Tab and Desktop friendly. You will learn all the necessary ASP.NET concepts to deliver a professional project in-time. You will learn necessary and sufficient C#/ concepts to implement them in your projects.

Beginning with Microsoft.NET and

ASP.NET Training Overview (Webforms) Click here for MVC version

  • Html Basics
  • Introduction to .NET
  • Coding Introduction
  • Working with Visual Studio for first time
  • Exercises on the above concepts.
  • State Management with ViewState
  • Exercises to test the concepts on ViewState
  • State Management with Session State and Application State
  • Concept of ArrayList and working with complex objects.
  • Holding Complex data type in memory with ArrayList.
  • A few good exercises on it.
  • Postback and how does it fit in page life cycle.
  • Use of Cookies.
  • Exercise to help understand postback concept better.
  • QueryString and its role in bookmark.
  • Event Handling – Single point event handler
  • Validation Controls and their use
  • Concept of ResponsiveMasterPage and detailed use
  • ADO.NET Concepts
  • Use of DataTable
  • Use of DataAdapter
  • Manipulating DataTable
  • Using Templates –Enabling editing on GridView
  • Paging and Sorting on GridView
  • DataList use to display a shopping cart
  • Backup and restoration of database
  • Handling errors in – Page error handlers
  • XML Web Service
  • Global Application Event Handling – Global.asax content...

Supplimentary Concepts

  • Core AJAX
  • Security – Forms Authentication – Login control
  • Digital Signature
  • ADO.NET Parameters with stored Procedure
  • AJAX Workout – Detailed step by step workout
  • Asynchronous Callback example
  • Addressing common problems in web
  • Autogeneration – Use of ExecuteScaler
  • Constructors
  • Common Type System
  • Custom Validation with JavaScript
  • Custom Controls
  • User Controls
  • Debugging Applications
  • Delegates
  • Events and its use with delegates
  • Fileuploading
  • Indexer Demo
  • Interface in C#
  • Int.Parse and Unboxing differences
  • Introduction to OOPs
  • Introduction to JavaScript Scripting
  • LogIn Control
  • Multi-threading Basics
  • Multiview Control
  • Namespace Concepts
  • Numeric Checking in C#
  • Object Array concept in .NET
  • Object Data Source and Introduction to Layered Architecture.
  • Polymorphism – Function overloading
  • Precompilation of ASP.NET website
  • Properties in C#
  • Reporting in
  • SQL Join
  • SQL Data Source
  • String Builder
  • String Formatting
  • Transactions in
  • Use of Menus
  • Validation control problems
  • XML and Text data access

Course Duration

2 months

Training Mode

One-to-One Personal Online Training or Classroom Training

You are most welcome to customize the training according to your need, in that case the fees and duration may vary.


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