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Trainer's Name: Sudipto Kumar Mukherjee
A Microsoft Certified Professional on .NET since year 2005
Phone Number +91-9331897923 (Whatsapp available) or Call +91-8100930572
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Address 31/22 Mall Road, Dum-Dum, City: Kolkata. Country: India. PIN: 700080
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Hi, Greetings! Thank you for stepping by my website! My name is Sudipto and I am providing .Net 1-on-1 Online and classromm training for over 2 decades for both beginners and experienced developers. I am a Microsoft Certified Professional on .Net since 2005. I am an early adopter of .Net. My passion is teaching at itโ€™s most intricate level.
While the internet is full of trainers, not everybody who knows well can teach well. From my childhood, I loved to teach! I enjoy my job. If you want to learn or upgrade to .NET, you are probably in the right place! Look no further!! Do not hesitate to give me a tinkle at +91-9331897923 or just leave me a message. I make learning easy, comfortable, step-by-step and enjoyable and yes, all 100% practical. While there are tons of topics to learn in .Net, it will be easy to learn not just by taking notes, but by actually doing them hands-on. If you already are with a client project and urgent need of handling it in quick time, please know you are already in the right place! Allow me to help you with your .Net projects.
Well, if you are already old and thinking how to cope up with modern changes? Do not worry! I already have quite a few old learners from 60 years old Indians to 70 years old Americans! Learning something new has got no age bar! I understand your need, whatever it might be. Starting something new has no time or age bar. I myself took years of self effort towards learning C++, .NET, Java and a few more technologies and have been teaching the concepts with huge passion for over 2 decades. My firm and practical knowledge came from developing bunches of software applications as a freelancer! I have helped both professionals and companies for creating the right environment for their Software projects mostly on Core, MVC with C# or Visual Basic.Net. I try to help every enthusiastic student and professionals with best of my abilities. I try to read all the existing abilities and skills of a candidate, and start from the exact place where he has left. I will be much happy to assist you as well. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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