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Java Online Training In India (Kolkata)

Java is the programming language of choice by millions of programmers worldwide due to its immense popularity and acceptability in IT and electronic market place. Java is almost everywhere starting from computers to micro oven to wrist watches to set top boxes and also to your car’s music system. The slogan of Java “Write Once and Run every where” is perhaps the most exciting of all slogans in IT world! Java is taught right from school books to university projects. A concrete knowledge of Java is very essential towards development of Android applications. Using Java we can write desktop applications using AWT or Swing or we can develop web server applications on JSP Servlet eco space. Java is quite a simple programming language compared to many of its counterparts. A strong knowledge of Java will pave a path towards a very successful IT carrier in future.

Integrated Java Language Training Module

Unit 1: Introduction to Java: 
  • History of Java
  • Features of Java
  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
  • Security in Java
Unit 2: Java Language Basics:
  • Keywords
  • Working of Java, Including Comments
  • Data Types in Java - Primitive Data Types
  • Variables in Java
  • Abstract / Derived Data Types
  • Using Classes in Java
  • Declaring Methods in Java
  • Code to Display Test Value; The main() Method,
  • Invoking a Method in Java
  • Saving, Compiling and Executing Java Programs
Unit 3 : Operators and Control Statements: 
  • Operators & Arithmetic Operators
  • Increment and Decrement Operators
  • Comparison Operators
  • Logical Operators & Operator Precedence
  • Control Flow Statements
  • If-else Statement, Switch Statement
  • For Loop, While Loop, Do…While Loop
  • Break Statement Continue Statement
Unit 4: Arrays and Strings: 
  • Arrays &  String Handling
  • Special String Operation
  • Character Extraction
  • String Comparison
  • Searching Strings
  • String Modification
  • StringBuffer
Unit 5: Inheritance, Package and Interface: 
  • Inheritance & Types of Relationships
  • Significance of Generalization
  • Inheritance in Java & Access Specifiers
  • The Abstract Class
  • Packages & Defining a Package, CLASSPATH
  • Interface, Defining an Interface
  • Some Uses of Interfaces, Interfaces versus Abstract Classes
Unit 6: Exception Handling: 
  • Definition of an Exception
  • Exception Classes
  • Common Exceptions
  • Exception Handling Techniques
Unit 7: Streams in Java: 
  • Streams Basics
  • The Abstract Streams
  • Stream Classes
  • Readers and Writers
  • Random Access Files
  • Serialization

Course Duration

3 months

Course Fees

15000 INR

Training Mode

One-to-One Personal Online Training or Classroom Training

You are most welcome to customize the training according to your need, in that case the fees and duration may vary.


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