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C# is the power behind .net applications. If you are new to coding, you can start directly with C# Coding. Our C# course is geared towards people who already have familiarity with some programming before. But if you are a newbie, yes you can greatly benefit from our training. We will start from scratch and establish coding and algorithmic ability into you. If you are not pressed for time, then you can take a longer duration tuition over several months just to sharpen your programming skills in C#. A great understanding of C# will fuel your great career.

Prerequisites for C# Training

The current training is more geared towards the practicals of the C# language. So we expect a basic understanding/idea of computer coding must already be present within the candidate. A previous exposure to coding using either Java or C++ or Python or Visual Basic is essential. One doesn’t have to be a pro in computer coding, but a basic understanding of variables, conditionals, looping and array will be good to have. However, if you have zero knowledge on coding and still would like to learn C# as your first language, you are also welcome. In that case we will provide more part of time to make you understand the computer coding fundamentals which power all IT applications.

Quick Dive Into Modern C# - Learn C# Language Essentials

Best C# Online Training In India, Kolkata

C#, pronounced as C Sharp is a modern object oriented programming language. It has a large similarity with Java, in terms of language syntax. However C# is a complete object oriented programming language, since the primitive types like 'int' or 'double' is also fabricated as .NET object types. The C# training assumes your basic familiarity with programming. In case if you do not know programming at all, you may want to take a fundamental programming course using C++. The fundamentals of programming can be learnt using any programming language. However, C++, Java or C# can be choosen as a programming base.

C# Training Syllabus Overview

  • Learn the fundamentals of C# programming in Visual Studio.
  • Using .Net Framework
  • Introduction to .Net
  • Understanding CLR, CTS, MSIL & other tools
  • Using variables, data types.
  • Using various
  • Exception Handling in C#
  • Working with Arrays
  • Object oriented programming overview in C#
  • Object oriented techniques
  • Object oriented Design Patterns
  • Using Properties in C#
  • Using Indexers on C#
  • Generic classes and methods
  • Database programming with
  • Collections classes in C#
  • Understanding IEnumerable and IEnumertor
  • Understanding 'yeild return' statement
  • Working with out, ref parameters
  • Working with user defined delegate types
  • Defining Anonymous types
  • Defining Lambda Expressions
  • Understanding Extension methods
  • Generic Delegates: Action, Func and Predicate
  • Using object initializers and declare implicit type
  • Working with Threads
  • Working with async-await keywords
  • Reflections in .NET

  The above C# course is just an outline. We will go deep into every topic with good intuitive hands-on examples.

Course Duration

3 months

Training Mode

One-to-One Personal Online Training or Classroom (Offline) Training

You are most welcome to customize the training according to your learning need, in that case the fees and duration may vary.


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