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A trusted online one-to-one personal training provider for ASP.NET MVC, C#, WCF, WPF, Java, C++, Android. MCA, BCA IT college major, minor projects are undertaken and many more...

One-To-One Personal Training on Microsoft.NET, Java, C++, Android

Finding a perfect one-to-one personal trainer on MVC, C# or any subject is a tedious task. Even if you find one, you might not be totally happy since a lot of your initial expectations are not met in long run. Finding a perfect guru is as important as finding a perfect life partner in your life! But do not worry, since still there are a few people on this world who understand their profession and will surely help you to maximum extent possible. These few people love their profession and do not measure every help with pennies. People who have taken their passion as their profession are best gifts to human race! I myself took years of self effort towards learning C++, .NET, Java and a few more subjects and teaching with huge passion for last 2 decades. My firm and practical knowledge came from developing bunches of software applications as a freelancer. I have helped both professionals and companies for creating the right environment for their Software projects mostly on, MVC with C# or Visual Basic.Net. I try to help every student and professionals with best of my abilities. I try to read all his existing abilities and skills of a candidate, and start from the exact place where he has left. I am happy to assist any one in need. MVC Project Guidance in India - Kolkata

If you are stuck in your or Windows Application Project and need some expert advice and help to solve it in quick time, you may contact me. I can assist you to either guide you from scratches or may also help you with the project if already developed to some extent. If you have no time to develop your own project I may also develop the whole project for you according to your specification.
We already have a lot of professional looking readymade academic projects for you. You may either purchase these projects or you may decide to build your own by having one of these projects as guideline.

Our Work

Welcome to the best online Microsoft .NET private training in India (Kolkata) where you will learn or upgrade to latest Microsoft.NET technologies with total dedication & absolute care. We ensure that you will get a GREAT PRACTICAL GUIDANCE in .NET with high conceptual knowledge with its true practical implementation to implement in your projects. With our training, you will learn basic to advanced features of, MVC, C#, VB.NET, XML Web Services, JavaScript, JQuery with real life project training exposure. We give very lucid step-by-step easy explanation to each and every .NET topic with practical examples. You may customize your .net training according to the topic of your choice like - WCF, WPF / Silverlight, MVC, AJAX, Jquery, Json and more! You may also contact us for .NET Certification training studies. Please follow the links on this page to see more detailed information of the .NET subjects you are interested to get trained.

Students knock us for any of these:

  • You need an online one-to-one personal training on MVC
  • You need an online one-to-one personal training on Classic ASP.NET
  • You need an online one-to-one personal training on Visual Basic.NET
  • You need to upgrade to .NET MVC or WinForms from PHP or old VB
  • You just need to start learning programming with C++, C# or Java
  • You want to quickly learn Android development using Java
  • You want to submit your College BCA, MCA projects on or Java or WinForms
  • You have a project, but want a quick fix on certain issues.
  • You want to quickly learn JQuery/CSS to develop a Responsive Website.
  • You have a professional project on .NET and need our guidance and assistance.
  • You just want a professional advice on best path towards your carrier.
  • Searching for a private classroom training on .NET, Java, Android
  • Or you just have any reason to contact us.

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Courses at a glance...

Course Duration Fees Training Type
MVC ASP.NET 2 months (20 hours) 15,000 INR / 250 USD One-to-One
Classic ASP.NET 2 months (20 hours) 15,000 INR / 250 USD One-to-One
Winforms using C#/ 2 months (20 hours) 15,000 INR / 250 USD One-to-One
C# Programming 2 months (20 hours) 15,000 INR / 250 USD One-to-One
WCF 2 months (20 hours) 15,000 INR / 250 USD One-to-One
WPF 2 months (20 hours) 15,000 INR / 250 USD One-to-One
Java Programming 3 months (30 hours) 20,000 INR / 320 USD One-to-One
Android using Android Studio 1.5 month (15 hours) 10,000 INR / 170 USD One-to-One

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