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Instructor led one-to-one online Personal Training on ASP.NET MVC, C#, VB.NET, WCF, WPF, Java, C++, Android. MCA, BCA IT college major or minor projects are also undertaken and many more...

Online .NET Video Training Samples

We have developed over 30 GB of recorded materials that can suit all your requirements. Weather you are an absolute beginner or a seasoned programmer or advanced developer, we have all sort of ready made video contents for you. Videos are recorded in simple English and are very elaborative. We are just providing a few glimpse of recorded materials that we have uploaded in YouTube for your viewing. Our students attain our classes, listen to our videos and learn it automatically! We constantly add up new videos as and when possible to enrich our course structure. You can opt to buy just our videos instead of coming to our premises to attain live classes. Many students have opted just to buy our videos. We can promise you that our videos are so ellaborative that you will rarely need to ask a question or even attain live classes. However those who join our training get videos for their home viewing recorded for them! Here are a few samples. Click here to see our complete .NET video training contents.

Introduction To Microsoft.NETBasic
Transferring Data in PagesBasic
Principle behind ViewStateBasic
Master Pages in ASP.netBasic
Delegates in .NETAdvanced
Enums in C#Advanced
IIS Integration and more...Basic

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