C# Online Training In India

C#, pronounced as C Sharp is a modern object oriented programming language. It has a large similarity with Java, in terms of language syntax. However C# is a complete object oriented programming language, since the primitive types like 'int' or 'double' is also fabricated as .NET object types. The C# training assumes your basic familiarity with programming. In case if you do not know programming at all, you may want to take a fundamental programming course using C++. The fundamentals of programming can be learnt using any programming language. However, C++, Java or C# can be choosen as a programming base.

C# Training Overview

  • Learn the fundamentals of C# programming in Visual Studio.
  • Using .Net Framework
  • Introduction to .Net
  • Understanding CLR, CTS, MSIL & other tools
  • Using variables, data types.
  • Using various
  • Exception Handling in C#
  • Working with Arrays
  • Object oriented programming overview in C#
  • Object oriented techniques
  • Using Properties in C#
  • Using Indexers on C#
  • Generic classes and methods
  • Database programming with ADO.net
  • Collections classes in C#
  • Working with delegate types
  • Defining Anonymous types
  • Defining Lambda Expressions
  • Understanding Extension methods
  • Using object initializers and declare implicit type
  • Reflections in .NET

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