ASP.NET MVC Online Personal Training in India

Learn In-depth on ASP.NET MVC with Practical concepts and AJAX implementation. The only prerequisite is that you must already have a solid understanding on fundamental C# concepts and OOPs concepts. An understanding of Classic will be an added advantage though not mandatory. However knowledge on basic Web and working knowledge on classical will be vital, including knowledge on HTML, CSS and JavaScript and JQuery.

So, What is MVC? Let us have a glimpse... MVC is the new modern fully Object Oriented way for programming in Web. It lets us to work in the most modern way yet working close with the original artefacts of web, like html, css and javascript. Classic largely abstracted developers from the inner working of web, but MVC lets us to embrace web and also follow along with the object oriented concepts. Classic developers will initially have little problems to come to track with MVC, since they crave for server side controls and events, which are absent here. But with time and practice, MVC will appear more natural than classic development. Our training will let you understand why, how and when to use MVC. We hope you will enjoy learning it.
MVC is a framework and not a new Programming language. MVC is a technology which is not just tied to Microsoft Platform! MVC is a modern software design pattern specially used on web and is useful since it seperates UI (User Interface) from user input (URL) and the underlying data models. With MVC, Testing of your application is very natural. However MVC requires you to be a master in basic web concepts preferably with classic Previously, Classic developers do never have to worry about the underlying principle of web, since developers used to wireup events with the controls in an abstracted mechanism. MVC requires you to embrace the web and work closeup with the web! Believe me, there is no such direct concept of event handling in MVC! For example, there is no server side Button_Click function to handle a button's click! So how do we process such events?!
Oh, One more important point, with MVC the URL is more natural and intuitive, therefore you will get more SEO (Search Engine Optimised) search results. Please see below for a comprehensive personal training on MVC online from India.

Overview of Online ASP.NET MVC Training Course in India

  • Learn to compare between the classic and MVC
  • Learn MVC Fundamentals and the http protocol essentials
  • Learn the MVC URL Routing mechanism
  • Learn how to work with Razor Syntax and compare with old ASP Systax
  • Learn to use typed Models for passing to Views
  • Learn to work with various scaffold templates for inserting/updating/deleting/listing database records
  • Learn to use multiple models to a single view.
  • Learn to use Html Helpers to easily render html.
  • Learn to use cascading dropdown using Dropdown helper.
  • Learn to create custom MVC Helpers using extention methods
  • Learn to use Action Filters and create custom Action Filter.
  • Learn to implement MVC Global Filters
  • Learn to use Partial View and Child Actions
  • Learn Entity Framework with 'Code-First' approach
  • Learn to use Layout view or master pages .
  • Learn to working with Ajax to call MVC Server Controller's Actions.
  • Learn to create and use WEB API using http verbs.

The course requires you to have a sound familiarity with web and .NET concepts with a firm knowledge in C# Programming language. We will be using Lamdas, Delegates, Extension methods and Object Oriented Design Principles wherever applicable. So, be sure that you are already well versed with these concepts, otherwise additional time and training fees may be applicable.

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