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Hi, I am Sudipto. I have been taking personal one-to-one training courses on .NET, Java and C++ for long years. Apart from Training I have successfully completed many freelance projects on .NET mostly on Windows as Ill as on Ib. Since my early days of schooling I was intrinsically interested in teaching my juniors about challenging subjects and topics. Teaching is my hobby. I love to impart my knowledge to anyone who is interested to sit beside me and listen! I am very thankful to the local clients who have gave me with the option to develop their software projects, for which my knowledge and skills have grown many-folds so that I can guide my students to learn and implement the topics practically in short time. I believe that learning step-by-step in a project based case-study way is a great way to implement a concept very quickly and effectively instead of going a long academic topic based study, which can sometimes be boring. I have conducted the training in many ways. Training in batch was my first choice initially. But with the growing need of individualised personal training, I have started catering people in need for personal attention. I sometimes also take onsite training for corporate clients as Ill. So whether it is for your personal requirement for a world class .NET, MVC, C#, VB.NET, WCF, WPF training or you just need my assistance for project, I can be of your guide for quite a good time!


Starting from the year 2003, I have already trained over thousands of individual students for their personal need on one-to-one training on .NET and Java and C++. Initially our training was limited to classroom classes only at our premises in Kolkata (India), but later I took it online to help candidates from far flung places to benefit from our service. I have already many satisfied students from USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Netherlands, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia and Australia and definitely many students from India. Over the years of training I am sure about one thing, that candidates love our natural and friendly nature of training and develop the necessary practical skills very quickly. While internet is open, topics already there, I believe I am not creating new knowledge base, but I fundamentally assist our candidate how to develop self-motivated skill sets to harness such knowledge-base and complete their projects themselves.

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Trainer Sudipto Kumar Mukherjee
A Microsoft Certified Professional on .NET since year 2005
Phone Number +91-9331897923
Email Id supernova.software.solutions @gmail.com
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Address 31/22 Mall Road, Dum-Dum, City: Kolkata. Country: India. PIN: 700080